sequential art

a selection of comics, animatics, & other sequential things i've done. one of my favorite ways of telling stories, i've begun experimenting with other ways to produce sequential art, from twine games to triptychs.

ritual of choice

an animatic about a child who is forced to undergo a ritual to choose the gender they will be. to become a man and die as a warrior, or to become a woman and perpetuate the cycle. wayne, the protagonist, chooses neither.

key concepts

a story concept i've had since i was a kid, the idea stems out of my childhood disenchantment with religion. it follows the story of a god who falls out of heaven into the dearth of creation and has to climb their way out. a triptych illustrated in clip studio paint and animated in adobe after effects.

two kinds of timeless

a twine game narrative that follows along two ageless, ever-present beings and a person who would rather be forgotten by them. coded with css & html5 in twine 2. view the page and play it here. sadly, not entirely mobile friendly.

when you're lonely

an 8 page comic about the desperate measures someone might stoop to when they're lonely, and the way perception of the world is transformed by toxic codependencies.