"pixel gore" playing cards

a set of 54 playing cards with the themes of forest animals, royalty, and beheadings. this a project i've been revisiting over the years for a potential kickstarter. below is its original iteration from 2017 and the various changes i've made to it since.
the project originally began with research on the various meanings of a deck's suits, as well as color variants. i'm always a fan of bright colors, so i went with the "spring" variant of the four-color deck that is common in france. spring led me to forests, which led me to the idea to tie each suit with a prey animal and the joker faces with predators.
from there, i had physical decks printed along with a custom rigid box. at this point, i was considering making them a real product, so i consulted with playing card enthusiasts about the designs of the cards. the main feedback i got was that the face cards were way too small and needed to be bigger in the designs. another thing was that the back needed to be more perfectly mirrored.
with some additional polish and finalizing, i plan to one day kickstart this deck. the final things left to do aside form the campaign itself is to add more color to the face cards, source offset printing for the neon colors, and redo the box art to be more in line with the aesthetics of the face cards.