layout design

some posters and magazine spreads i've designed, either for school projects or personal ones. most of these feature some illustrative elements as well, something i enjoy including in my designs.

screenprint 101

2020. a basic, how-to guide for screenprinting. designed to be a one color process, pre-formatted to be printed on film and exposed onto a screen. envision it pinned up inside a studio, or maybe folded up in your wallet in case you ever need to screenprint on the go.

disability and elevators

2019. artivism posters i made in response to being a person with an invisible disability and having to deal with some very entitled people in my time riding elevators. printed with risograph and pinned up in elevators across campus.

raymond pettibon

2017. magazine spreads designed around pettibon's show at the new museum. i tried to incorperate his work into the designs of the spreads without compromising the original art.