selected illustrations

some pieces from the last few years that mean a lot to me. included below are digital works, prints, and paintings.
"torn apart", 2020. a personal piece made in response to many things, but mostly chronic pain & dissociation. made in clip studio paint with cel-shaded gradient maps.
"eyeball maiden", 2019. the figure is done in gouache on toned paper and scanned in, then layered with pixel art elements in photoshop. the back frame was pixelated and distressed using glitch art.
dreampunk illustrations, 2020. done for a card game based off of the imaginations of dreams. the left and right were made in response to prompts, the middle was of my own design.
"transhumanism", 2019. made based off of a prompt of augmenting the human body, layering a figure with engineering diagrams.
2019. a poster made for a film festival, created and animated in cinema 4D with some post processing in photoshop.
"monster petting zoo", 2019. made with gouche and touched up digitally. originally a lot messier, but with the help of photoshop and procreate it came out much cleaner.
portraits, 2019. the left is a love letter to my favorite digital processes, and the right a love letter to screenprinting, having 15 layers total.
"normal human family", 2018. a piece made based off of the prompt 'juxtaposition.' i was watching a lot of the simpsons at the time.
"tooth hurts", 2019. illustrated in procreate and animated in after effects with 3d camera.
"yokai invasion", 2018. one of the first screenprintings i ever did. the crowd features various japanese yokai in front of a backdrop of tokyo. 5 color process.
"where's bigfoot?", 2017. an editorial illustration made as a companion piece to a nautilus article about the unprovability of bigfoot.
"nothing much", 2019. an animated album cover, made with procreate, photoshop, and after effects. includes both motion graphics as well as frame by frame animation.
2017. a piece based off of the myth of the man-eating tree, popularized as "The Madagascar tree" or the "yateveo" of central africa. drawn in clip studio paint.
"envy", 2019. made in procreate and after effects.
2018. a piece on agoraphobia. illustrated digitally and screenprinted in a three-layer process. each layer features a split fountain.
2017. for an assignment to create a looping gif that tells a story. made in aseprite utilizing nasa's gallery of royalty free nebula images.
2020. fan-art of Q Hayashida's manga, "dorohedoro." made in clip studio paint with a cel-shaded gradient map.
"no tv and no computer make millennial go something something", 2019. a traditional mixed-media piece made in a single night. gouache, ink, markers, and pen.
2018. a 3D piece made in maya based off of an npr podcast about multiverse theory.