cryptid is a brand i developed, incorporating my love of cryptozoology and my incessant need to draw monsters. based off of various north american myths, and my love for neon colors, i hand-crafted clothes by sewing together fragments of stock t-shirts and screenprinting on them. to develop the brand to its fullest extent, i also produced a lookbook as well as a mockup for a potential website. merchandise can be purchased in the store tab above.


the lookbook for cryptid comes in the form of a zine, printed on a risograph in lime green, bubblegum pink, blue, and black. the interiors are of my photography interwoven with illustrations. two photoshoots took place in after-dark new york city parks, the first in prospect park and the second in central, both are littered with raccoons.


the website mockup for the brand, made in after effects and illustrator. this is meant to solidify the brand identity and create a narrative for the world of cryptid. i have absolutely no idea how to code this, but if you do, please email me.