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About me
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Hello, I’m Steff Bradley

Hey there! Thanks for making it here. I'm Steff Bradley, a design based in Brooklyn, NY. I do a lot of stuff, but "design" is a pretty good umbrella term, isn't it?

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about me. If you look close enough, you might find a secret...

My education

I've been studying art from the get-go, designing and drawing since I was a child. I've able to put these skills together, learning from the best of today's creative professionals

Intro to UI/UX

School of Visual Arts

Continuing education

Communication Design BFA

Pratt Institute

Concentration in Illustration

My expertise areas

I'm adept in many different spheres of design, development, and creative implementation


Using an analytical approach to create a unique design

Brand designer

Developing brand guidelines & creating new approaches


Building websites since Neopets & Tumblr

Digital marketing

Over 3 years in marketing teaches you a lot